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CRT-MS888 CRAT Distribution Box Lock

IoT Smart Locks

CRT-MS888 CRAT Distribution Box Lock

It is a combination of mechanical lock body, electronic devices and encrypted built-in chip, which provides the main features including water-proof, rust-proof, and intelligence. It is usually used for outdoor cabinets and transformer box in power industry.

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    CRAT Smart locks offer a range of customized functions, including: Remote Access, Key-less Entry, Tamper Detection and Alarm, Activity Monitoring and Alerts. The customization options provide users with enhanced security, convenience, and control over access to their properties.


    If your key was lost or theft. such keys can be swiftly disabled.

    Data transfer (basic) remote authorization fingerprint identification.

    Authorization management makes it convenient to assign unlock permission to department or individual.

    The presentation of combining list and the map makes every lock clear visible.

    We invest over 3% of our annual sales revenue in R&D with numerous patent achievements.

    Provide customized service for model and management software according to your needs.


    CRAT Smart lock widely used in mobile China unicom telecom tower and other units.

    Our intelligent lock system applied in the communication machine room cabinet, outdoor control cabinets ,optical cable transfer boxes, communication base stations and so on.


    The versatility and customizable features of smart locks make them beneficial for a wide range of industries, addressing the need for secure, convenient, and efficient access control solutions. Property management companies and landlords use smart locks to streamline access management for rental properties, reduce the need for physical keys, and provide secure, remote access control for tenants and maintenance personnel. Smart locks are also used in government buildings, public facilities, and municipal properties to enforce security protocols, control access to sensitive areas, and record access events for auditing purposes.
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