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CRT-G105T CRAT Passive Padlock

IoT Smart Locks

CRT-G105T CRAT Passive Padlock

Access Management: such as setting specific times for access, creating temporary access authorization and receiving notifications when the lock is used.

Activity Monitoring: Users can track who enters and leaves the assets and when.

Alerts and Notifications: Users can receive alerts when a door is opened, someone attempts to tamper with the lock, or the battery is low.

Secure Encryption: Robust security measures to protect against unauthorized access and hacking, including encrypted communication, multi-factor authentication, and secure access protocols.

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    Lock body material

    SUS304 Stainless steel

    Surface treatment

    Brushed stainless steel

    Operating voltage


    Operating environment


    Unlocking times


    Protection level


    Encoding digits Number

    128bit(No mutual opening rate)

    Lock cylinder technology

    360°,Idle design to prevent violent opening,Storage Operations (Unlock ,Lock, Petrol ,etc.) Log

    Encryption Technology

    Digital encoding technology & encrypted communication technology; Eliminate technology activation

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    Smart Electronic Key Paramenters

    CRT-G105T CRAT Passive Padlock (6)1o1




    Operating voltage


    Operating environment

    Temperature (-40~80°),Humidity(20%~93%RH)

    Battery capacity


    One charge for unlock times


    Charging time


    Communication interface


    Unlock Record


    Protection level


    Fingerprint identification


    Visual screen


    Date transfer

    Remote authorization


    Voice+light prompt




    CRAT smart passive lock is not only a lock, but an Intelligent Access Management System for various industries, a platform that brings together smart locks, smart keys and access management software, which aims to increase security, accountability, and key control throughout your organization.


    IoT lock software plays a crucial role in enabling the functionality and security of smart locks within connected environments, offering users convenient and secure ways to control access to their properties and assets. It provides a convenient way for collecting and analyzing data on lock usage and access patterns, and potentially providing insights for improving security and operational efficiency.

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    With the software, the users can have capabilities to control, monitor, and manage access to physical spaces from anywhere with an internet connection, enhancing security and convenience for users.


    CRAT smart locks can be used in various industries. The smart locks can be installed in any place where controlled access and auditing is needed, such as Telecommunication Industry, Electric Power, Water Utility, Transportation & Logistics, Banking, Oil and Gas Industry, Healthcare, Education, Airports, Date Center, Smart City, Retail, Municipal Administration and Public Safety.
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