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CRAT Smart Keys With High Security Built-in Chip


CRAT Smart Keys With High Security Built-in Chip

Main Functions:

1. Unlocking smart locks

2. Upload records and data

    product description

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    A smart key is the transfer station for smart locks and management platform. The administrator can issue authority and assign smart keys to users. The smart keys are programmed with access privileges for each user and contain a list of locks the user may open with a schedule of days and times they are allowed access. It can also be programmed to expire on a specific date at a specific time for increased security.
    A smart key could open thousands of locks. Electronic key will record unlocking and locking data, and the administrator could check the unlock report in smart lock software.
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    If a key is lost, you can easily put that lost key into the blacklist in the platform. And a key in the blacklist cannot unlock any of the locks again.
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