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CRT-G400L CRAT Passive Padlock

IoT Smart Locks

CRT-G400L CRAT Passive Padlock

Headache with the theft?

Difficult to manage too many keys?

Have to replace the locks once keys get lost?

Not able to have the access records?

Troublesome to charging the battery driven lock?

CRAT smart passive lock is a perfect solution for all above.

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    Lock body material

    SUS304 Stainless steel

    Surface treatment

    Brushed stainless steel

    Operating voltage


    Operating environment


    Unlocking times


    Protection level


    Encoding digits Number

    128bit(No mutual opening rate)

    Lock cylinder technology

    360° Idle design to prevent violent opening, Storage Operations (Unlock, Lock, Petrol, etc.) Log

    Encryption Technology

    Digital encoding technology & encrypted communication technology; Eliminate technology activation

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    Smart Electronic Key Paramenters

    CRT-G105T CRAT Passive Padlock (6)1o1




    Operating voltage


    Operating environment

    Temperature (-40~80°),Humidity(20%~93%RH)

    Battery capacity


    One charge for unlock times


    Charging time


    Communication interface


    Unlock Record


    Protection level


    Fingerprint identification


    Visual screen


    Date transfer

    Remote authorization


    Voice+light prompt




    CRAT smart keys are digital or electronic versions of traditional physical keys used for access control and authorization. These keys take the form of encryption codes, digital credentials and wireless signals that can be transmitted and received by electronic devices such as smartphones, key fobs or access control systems.


    Implementing a blacklist in the management system for lost smart keys is a common security measure to prevent unauthorized access. When a smart key is lost or stolen, adding its unique identifier to a blacklist prevents it from being used to access the associated assets. The blacklist prevents the lost key from being recognized and allows only authorized keys to operate.

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    CRAT Smart locks use wireless communication technologies to provide remote access and control. The encryption and secure protocols are implemented to protect the communication and prevent unauthorized access.


    CRAT smart passive locks are used in various settings where convenient and secure access control is needed. Such as power industry, commercial buildings, hospitality, educational institutions, industrial and manufacturing facilities. The application of smart passive locks aims to provide convenient and secure access control without requiring active manual operation. These locks can offer increased convenience, security, and flexibility at very low cost.
    CRT-G105T CRAT Passive Padlock (10)0wz