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CRT-H100 Euro Profile Cylinder

IoT Smart Locks

CRT-H100 Euro Profile Cylinder

The CRAT smart lock has the characteristics of high security and convenient operation, which can greatly improve the security of distribution equipment, the simplicity of personnel operations, and improve operation and maintenance. It has high efficiency and can carry out equipment operation and maintenance analysis and personnel trajectory analysis according to the intelligent lock operation record to help the power grid construction.

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    By deploying control policies on the smart lock security management and control system and equipment, access and control authority authentication is realized, which improves system operation security, equipment control security, and information transmission security.

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    CRAT Smart Passive Electronic Lock System is composed of passive locks, smart electronic key and intelligent lock management software.A key could open multiple kinds of locks.Electronic key will record unlocking and locking data You could check the unlock report in smart lock software.

    XUZHOU CREATE is a technology company specialized in security and access management for various industry utilities, including telecommunication industry, power and water utility, transportation, logistics, banking, oil and gas utility, healthcare, education, date center, public safety, etc. With over 10 years experience, Xuzhou Create provides remote access control using both smart-key and key-less solutions. The Intelligent Access Management System is a platform that brings together smart-padlocks, smart-keys and management software to provide a powerful means to control who goes where and when, indoors and outdoors.

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