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CRT-FQ500 CRAT Anti theft Lock

IoT Smart Locks

CRT-FQ500 CRAT Anti theft Lock

Desperate for enhanced security for your cabinets?

Need remote access control for power industries?

Desire to monitor the access records of the facility?

Want higher convenience for door access and facility maintenance?

CRAT smart lock is the solution once and for all.

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    CRAT smart keys are electronic keys used to unlock and access smart locks. These smart keys include features such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity, encryption, and remote access capabilities. They are designed to provide greater security and convenience compared to traditional physical keys.


    CRAT Smart passive locks are integrated with mobile apps and management systems to enable administrators to grant or revoke access remotely, monitor entry and exit activities, and set specific access permissions for different users. Additionally, these locks offer features such as time-based access, audit trails, and blacklist for lost keys.



    CRAT smart locks are increasingly being used in the power industry to enhance security and access control at power plants, substations, and other critical infrastructure facilities. These smart locks are equipped with features including time-based access, remote monitoring, integration with access control systems. By using smart locks, power industry facilities can improve operational security, streamline access control processes, and better manage and monitor who has access to sensitive areas. Additionally, smart locks can provide real-time insights and alerts to enhance overall security measures.
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