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Square Manhole Cover with Smart Lock


Square Manhole Cover with Smart Lock

Missing and damaged manhole cover ? Unable to repair in a timely manner ? Causing personal injury or death accidents. Causing loss of life and property? Complex environment, diversified ownership, old and disrepair roads? Causing missing asset information for the Manhole? Electrical fire occurs in the pipe well,Unable to quickly locate accident points and handle them in a timely manner? Underground cables are often worn and stolen? Unable to real-time understand the status of the Manhole environment? High operating and maintenance costs and so on, a series of problems? To solve above mentioned problems. Our company has successfully developed intelligent manhole covers using technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and wireless sensing.

    CRT-JG800FN (4ko7


    Lock core material

    SUS304 Stainless steel

    Lock body material


    Battery capacity


    Operating Voltage


    Standby power consumption


    Operating power consumption


    Operating environment


    Unlocking times


    Protection level


    Corrosion resistance

    Passed the 72-hour neutral salt spray test

    Signal transmission

    4G, NB, Bluetooth

    Encoding digits Number

    128(No mutual opening rate)

    Lock cylinder technology

    360°,Idle design to prevent violent opening,Storage Operations (Unlock ,Lock, Petrol ,etc.) Log

    Encryption Technology

    Digital encoding technology & encrypted communication technology ;Eliminate technology activation

    Main Features

    Real time upload of switch records to the cloud.

    Implement trace-based management, monitor the opening and closing status of the outer cover in real-time, and ensure road safety.

    Real time monitoring of temperature and humidity, water immersion, gas and other environmental conditions inside the well.

    And through self-developed algorithms, the operation status of cables in the well can be effectively determined.

    The intelligent manhole cover has undergone authoritative testing by the Ministry of Public Security.Soaking in water can also be used normally.

    The working temperature range is -40 ºC~+80 ºC, without fear of severe cold and heat.

    The intelligent manhole cover is made of high-strength and corrosion-resistant materials, meeting the needs of harsh environments.

    Ultra long standby, with a battery life of up to 5 years.

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    Create Manhole cover lock-This product digitally archives the identity of the manhole cover and power it with below features:

    Maintenance scheduling and tracking: The system would facilitate the scheduling of maintenance activities based on the data collected from the smart manhole covers. It would also track the maintenance history and performance of the manhole covers to support ongoing improvement and optimization.

    Data analysis and reporting: The management system would include tools for analyzing the data collected from the smart manhole covers, enabling insights into trends, patterns, and potential areas for improvement. This data would also support reporting requirements for regulatory compliance and performance evaluation.



    Clear management of personnel permissions.

    Remote unlocking through permission management.

    Bluetooth unlocking, emergency unlocking, and other unlocking methods.Ensure that the smart manhole cover can be opened smoothly under any circumstances.

    The presentation of combining list and the map makes every lock clear visible.

    We invest over 3% of our annual sales revenue in R&D with numerous patent achievements.

    Provide customized service for model and management software according to your needs.

    CRT-JG800FN (8)k3oCRT-JG800FN (9)3ar


    CRAT Smart Manhole cover lock widely used in Municipal industry, Communication fiber optic cable well, Power cable well, Gas well.

    And has been used in major cities in China.

    State Grid Beijing Power Supply Company.

    Pilot application in Fengxian Power Supply Company.

    CRT-JG800FN (10)woy