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    What is IoT smart lock?

    It is an Intelligent Access Management System (iAMS) for various industries, a platform that brings together smart-padlocks, smart-keys and intelligent access management software, which aims to increase security, accountability, and key control throughout your organization. With this emerging field of remote access management solution, you can have a simple & powerful way to manage access to remote sites and assets in real-time. It provides a powerful means for unlocking authority, access control and real-time monitoring.

    As the main control unit, the smart lock security management and control system implements basic data management, geographic positioning, authorization management, and statistical analysis of data. The handheld terminal implements mobile office for smart lock management, approves switch lock applications of staff at any time and place, and checks the security status of equipment within the scope of responsibility and the performance of personnel's work. Smart locks include padlocks, handle locks, door locks, etc. The locks have high mechanical strength and strong corrosion resistance. Fully sealed RFID coding is used to make each lock have a unique code to ensure high security of the lock.

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    Wireless energy-carrying communication technology

    Wireless cooperative communication is a new type of wireless communication. Unlike traditional wireless communication, which only transmits information, wireless energy-carrying communication can transmit energy signals to wireless devices while transmitting traditional information-type wireless signals. Energy signals are After the wireless device capable of the circuit receives, after a series of conversions, the wireless energy can be stored in the battery of the wireless device itself. The captured energy will be used for the energy consumption of the normal information interaction circuit of the wireless device and the energy capture circuit Energy consumption. With the use of wireless energycarrying communication technology, the cost of wires and cables can be reduced, and the trouble of replacing batteries for wireless devices can be avoided. Wireless energy-efficient communication technology is used to complete the power supply and data exchange of the terminal within 3s, improve the convenience and reliability of the operation, and effectively shield the external high-voltage impact and damage.

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    Authorization method of daily operation

    In the daily operation inspection authorization method, the smart lock control terminal is applied for smart key authorization through the smart lock control handheld terminal. The relevant personnel of the smart lock security management control system review and approve the application submitted by the smart lock control handheld terminal. If the approval is passed, the smart lock is notified. The handheld terminal has been authorized. If the approval fails, the smart lock will be returned to the reason why the handheld terminal failed. After the approval is passed, the maintenance personnel will open the lock with the smart lock-controlled handheld terminal, the maintenance is completed, the lock is closed, and the smart lock handheld terminal uploads the switch lock operation to the smart lock management and control system.

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    Access Control Strategy

    By deploying control policies on the smart lock security management and control system and equipment, access and control authority authentication is realized, which improves system operation security, equipment control security, and information transmission security.

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    What advantages the IoT smart lock brings to industries?

    The application of the intelligent lock security management and control system solved the problems of numerous keys, easy to lose, and difficult to manage distribution network equipment; this standardized the distribution network operation process,improved work efficiency, and saved repair time. The system completed Data query, data analysis and management recommendations according to different filtering conditions, which improve the monitoring and management level of distribution network operations.