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CRAT IoT smart locks provides a perfect access solutions for various industries. The smart locks can be installed in any place that controlled access and auditing is needed, such as Telecommunication Industry, Electric Power, Water Utility, Transportation & Logistics, Banking, Oil and Gas Industry, Healthcare, Education, Airports, Date Center, Smart City, Retail, Municipal Administration and Public Safety. Audit reporting from the locks and keys will keep you informed of each person’s activities so you can monitor potential security issues.

The application of CRAT IoT smart locks solved the problems of numerous keys, easy to lose, and difficult to manage distribution network equipment; this standardized the distribution network operation process, improved work efficiency, and saved repair time. The system completed Data query, data analysis and management recommendations according to different filtering conditions, which improve the monitoring and management level of distribution network operations. 


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Access Solutions for Electric Power Utility

At present, indoor equipment such as power distribution rooms, switch rooms, and outdoor equipment such as ring cabinets, box transformers, and cable branch boxes in distribution networks have been locked with mechanical padlocks or mechanical key locks for safety protection and the purpose of anti-theft, but the effect is not ideal, because the security management problems brought by locks have not been well solved.

At the same time, the substation gradually changed from conventional to intelligent, and has basically realized the comprehensive perception of the important links of the whole station and the centralized monitoring of the background. Safety accidents caused by unauthorized change of work place or expansion of work scope occur from time to time.

The CRAT smart lock has the characteristics of high security and convenient operation, which can greatly improve the security of distribution equipment, the simplicity of personnel operations, and improve operation and maintenance. It has high efficiency and can carry out equipment operation and maintenance analysis and personnel trajectory analysis according to the intelligent lock operation record to help the power grid construction. 

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Access Solutions for Telecommunication Industry

Tower companies make significant investments in land and infrastructure to guarantee the best service for their tenants. This involves several thousands of remote sites hosting critical equipment requiring maintenance and upgrade on a regular basis. CRAT has developed a vast expertise in this particular sub-industry, offering bespoke solutions to top-tier Tower worldwide. CRAT pioneering wire-free and easy-to-install solution is suitable for any tower business model.

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Access Solutions for Railway

CRAT smart locks are widely used in railway and railway stations. This scenario can use Bluetooth padlock (CRT-G400L), with its own power supply, which can realize remote unlocking without a key. At the same time, the unlocking information can be uploaded to the platform to facilitate supervision.

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Access Solutions for Water Utilities

CRAT in-depth and cutting edge knowledge of the distributed remote sites model through its experience with passive wire-free access control, allows it to secure tens of thousands of diverse access point as well as providing smart real-time workforce control which enables utilities companies to transform their business.

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Access Solutions for GAS & OIL

Tank Trucks have always been an attractive target for fuel theft. CRAT offers a full solution by securing tank truck outlets with high-security padlocks for a tamper-proof access management.The cargo can therefore be opened only at specific locations and by selected individuals.

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Access Solutions for Logistics

No company wants to get their cargo stolen while in transit. CRAT High-Security locking solutions for cargo vehicles and containers guarantee high resistance against theft. This robust locking solution in conjunction allow companies to avoid direct and indirect costs related to attacks and organized theft by limiting access to the cargo in only selective areas.

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Access Solutions for Banking

Your customers are banking on you to keep their money safe. When your reputation is built on that trust, you can’t afford to get it wrong. CRAT smart locks provides security solutions for finance and banking while letting staff into access-controlled areas. With the smart locks, you can secure entrances, cash-in-transport or ATMs with real-time logging, or track movements with live audit trails.

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Access Solutions For Traffic signal lights

It is always important to make sure traffic lights works continuously and stably to create safe transportation for pedestrians and vehicles. CRAT smart locks is perfect solution for the traffic cabinets, which provides wire-free access control to help traffic authorities upgrade their management of traffic control cabinets in a simple and affordable way. 

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Access Solutions for Heavy Industry

Built for tough work in the harsh environment and most demanding conditions, CRAT smart locks keep your operations running smoothly and safely. For over 20 years, CRAT locks helped steel mills, cement plants, dockyard, mines and similar applications fulfil the unique needs of heavy industry. CRAT locks not provide solutions for personnel's safe access but also for protection of the valuable assets.

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Access Solutions for Healthcare

IoT locks has revolutionized the healthcare industry by allowing for real-time monitoring and tracking of access to medical equipment, and assets. With IoT technology, healthcare providers can improve patient outcomes, optimize resource allocation, and enhance operational efficiency. IoT solutions have become essential tools in the healthcare industry, providing real-time insights and enabling proactive interventions to improve patient care.

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Access Solutions for Retail

IoT, the Internet of Things, is transforming the retail industry in several exciting ways. The impact of IoT on the retail industry is profound, revolutionizing various aspects of the business, from inventory management and supply chain optimization to customer experiences and operational efficiency. CRAT smart locks are help retail units with remote access control from anywhere, permanent or time-limited access, and knowing who opened which door and when.

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Access Solutions for School

Most school principals would like to create a friendly and open environment in their school while at the same time ensure that areas storing sensitive information and valuable items are kept secure. CRAT smart passive locks help to provide both security and convenience without creating a locked-down or prison-type look in a school environment by assigning authority for the access to areas storing sensitive files and information.