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Round Manhole Cover with Smart Lock

Intelligent Manhole Cover

Round Manhole Cover with Smart Lock

CRAT smart manhole covers are a relatively new innovation that bring advanced technology to the traditionally mundane infrastructure of city streets. The features of smart manhole covers include Sensor Technology, Real-Time Monitoring, Data Communication, Enhanced Security, Durability and Safety. These features enable the smart manhole covers contribute to the advancement of smart city infrastructure and enhance the safety and efficiency of urban environments.



    Lock core material

    SUS304 Stainless steel

    Lock body material


    Battery capacity


    Operating Voltage


    Standby power consumption


    Operating power consumption


    Operating environment


    Unlocking times


    Protection level


    Corrosion resistance

    Passed the 72-hour neutral salt spray test

    Signal transmission

    4G, NB, Bluetooth

    Encoding digits Number

    128(No mutual opening rate)

    Lock cylinder technology

    360°,Idle design to prevent violent opening,Storage Operations (Unlock, Lock, Petrol ,etc.) Log

    Encryption Technology

    Digital encoding technology & encrypted communication technology ;Eliminate echnology activation

    Product advantages

    Sensor Technology: Smart manhole covers can be equipped with various sensors to detect changes in environmental conditions, such as temperature, pressure, and gas levels. These sensors can provide valuable data for city maintenance and planning.

    Real-Time Monitoring: Smart manhole covers can be connected to a central monitoring system, allowing for real-time monitoring of conditions underground. This can help in early detection of issues such as flooding or gas leaks.

    Data Communication: Smart manhole covers may have communication capabilities, allowing them to send data to a central control center or to other connected devices. This enables efficient data collection and management.

    Enhanced Security: Smart manhole covers can include security measures such as tamper detection and unauthorized access alerts, helping to prevent vandalism and unauthorized entry.

    Durability and Safety: Smart manhole covers are designed to be durable and safe, with features such as anti-slip surfaces and robust construction to withstand heavy traffic and inclement weather.


    Sensor data collection: The system would incorporate sensors embedded in the smart manhole covers to collect data on environmental conditions, such as temperature, pressure, gas levels, and traffic flow. This data would be transmitted to a central database for analysis.

    Centralized monitoring and control: A central control center would receive and process the data collected from the smart manhole covers. This center would provide real-time monitoring of the manhole covers' status and conditions, enabling proactive maintenance and issue resolution.

    Alerting and notifications: The management system would be designed to generate alerts and notifications in the event of abnormal conditions or safety hazards detected by the smart manhole covers. These alerts could be sent to maintenance teams, city authorities, or other relevant stakeholders for timely action.

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    CRAT Smart Manhole cover has been widely used in Municipal industry, Optical cable well, Power cable well, Gas well in major cities of China.

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