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Solutions for various industries


Telecommunication Industry, Electric Power, Water Utility, Transportation & Logistics, Banking, Oil and Gas Industry, Healthcare, Education, Airports, Date Center, Smart City, Municipal Administration, Public Safety


Electric Power Industry

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This kind of cabinet usually uses handle lock (CRT-B100), padlock (CRT-G series),cylindrical lock (CRT-Y series) and other types of passive electronic locks, low cost and easy installation. With the authorized key switch lock, information can be uploaded to the platform to achieve management traces.


Telecommunication Industry

Telecommunicati (6).jpgTower companies make significant investments in land and infrastructure to guarantee the best service for their tenants. This involves several tens of thousands of unmonitored remote sites hosting critical equipment requiring maintenance and upgrade on a regular basis. CRAT has developed a vast expertise in this particular sub-industry of telecom, offering bespoke solutions to top-tier Towercos worldwide. CRAT pioneering wire-free and easy-to-install solution is suitable for any towerco business model.


Railway Guardrail

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This scenario can use Bluetooth padlock (CRT-G400L), with its own power supply, which can realize remote unlocking without a key; At the same time, the switch lock information can be uploaded to the platform to facilitate supervision.


Outdoor Box-type transformer Substation

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These cabinets are usually equipped with box transformers lock (CRT-MS888), standard size, and can be installed directly. With the authorized key switch lock, information can be uploaded to the platform to achieve management traces.



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CRAT in-depth and cutting edge knowledge of the distributed remote sites model through its experience with passive wire-free access control, allows it to secure tens of thousands of diverse access point as well as providing smart real-time workforce control which enables utilities companies to transform their business.



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Tank Trucks have always been an attractive target for fuel theft. CRAT offers a full solution by securing tank truck outlets with high-security padlocks for a tamper-proof access management.The cargo can therefore be opened only at specific locations and by selected individuals.



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No company wants to get their cargo stolen while in transit. CRAT High-Security locking solutions for cargo vehicles and containers guarantee high resistance against theft. This robust locking solution in conjunction allow companies to avoid direct and indirect costs related to attacks and organized theft by limiting access to the cargo in only selective areas.