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    Step 1 – Install CRAT IoT Smart Locks

    CRAT locks can be installed as easily and simply as the mechanical locks. The installation requires no power or wiring. Just replace existing mechanical locks with CRAT IoT smart locks. Each IoT smart lock is an electronic version of a standard mechanical lock.

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    Step 2 – Program Locks and Keys

    Put the information of locks, keys, users, and authorities into the management system/platform. Assign smart keys to users. The smart keys are programmed with access privileges for each user and contain a list of locks the user may open with a schedule of days and times they are allowed access. It can also be programmed to expire on a specific date at a specific time for increased security.

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    Step 3 – Open CRAT IoT Smart Locks

    Issue the task on the platform, including which user unlocking which lock, and authorized time and date for unlocking. After getting the task, the user opens the mobile APP and select the unlocking mode according to the actual situation for unlocking. When the electrical key meets the lock cylinder, the contact plate on the key transmits power and AES-128 bit encrypted data securely to the contact pin on the cylinder. The passive electronic chip on the key reads the cylinder’s credentials. If the cylinder’s ID is registered in the access rights table, access is granted. Once the access is granted, the blocking mechanism is electronically disengaged, therefore unlocking the cylinder.

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    Step 4 – Collect Audit Trail

    After the unlocking by Bluetooth key, the unlocking information will be uploaded automatically to the management platform. And the administrator can see the audit trail. Expiring keys frequently ensures users regularly update their keys. An expired key will not work until it is updated.

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    Step 5 – What if the key is lost?

    If a key is lost, you can easily and swiftly put that lost key into the blacklist in the platform. And a key in the blacklist cannot unlock any of the smart locks again. Then a new key is programmed to replace the lost key.